Street Stories: Of Kings and Queens...
William Street

The name William Street was used for a small street in central Masterton, now officially closed. This street ran from Queen Street to Dixon Street, just south of Bannister Street. For many years it has been thought to commemorate R.G. Williams, Masterton’s first mayor, but the old records clearly show this street as William, singular. The confusion was, no doubt, exacerbated by the proximity of the street to the Williams’ saddlery in Queen Street.

Many years later the Masterton Borough Council decided to close the western portion of William Street, as it wanted to build the Ladies Rest Rooms in the street. Before they could legally close the street they found they had to open it. Somehow, despite being used as one for nearly a hundred years, the area had never been legally declared a street.  It is now unofficially called “Charlie’s Lane”, after country singer Charlie Jensen.

Pic: King William 4th, Victoria's predecessor.