Trustee Street and Olive Street

Trustee Street, which runs from Lincoln Road to Albert Street, is named after the donors of the street, the trustees of the Masterton Trust Lands Trust. The street runs through the site of the whare of William Adams where Joseph Masters stayed on his first visits to the area that was to become Masterton. For many years it held a commercial property on the Lincoln Road corner, and a string of villas. The street was redeveloped wth modern houses in 2016.

One of the few streets to be named after a woman in Masterton is Olive Street. Unfortunately, it is not certain exactly who it is named after. Mr H.H. Daniell, writing in the Wairarapa Times-Age in the 1950s, said William Lenz, a local businessman, named the street after a female relative of his. William Lenz did have a daughter Olive, who was a long-term teacher in Masterton, and the street appears to be named after her.

Pic: Aluminium Prefabricators building on Trustee Street corner, 1950s.