South Belt

It is also ironical that the town which once had two streets named Junction should now have none.
The small stretch of road from Villa Street to the railway station was known as Junction Street. In 1905 Perry, Pine and Junction Streets were all joined into the one – Perry Street.
Junction Road was changed at the same time. Junction Road ran from High Street across to the end of South Road, changing into Manaia Road as it headed further east. In 1905 this name was also changed and the street became known as South Belt.

Much later one resident of the street, complaining that his mail ended up in South Road, suggested that the street should be renamed to avoid any confusion. He further suggested that it should be called Moncreiff Road to honour George Hood’s co-pilot. The suggestion was not accepted.

Pic: Some have suggested South Belt should be renamed to honor John Moncrieff.