Oxford Street and Cambridge Terrace

Oxford and Cambridge are England’s two most famous centres of learning, and are commemorated in two Masterton streets.

Oxford Street was the first of these streets to be formed and named. Made by a consortium of Masterton businessmen in the early years of the 20th century they overrode the commonly used name for the area, Adamsville, to rename the area Oxford Street.

The section of Oxford Street nearest Opaki Road is actually a continuation of Bentley Street, as can be clearly seen by standing on top of the Oxford Street hill and looking over the river. The 1885 street map of Masterton, drawn by Thomas Drummond, shows a proposed bridge crossing the river at this point.

Cambridge Terrace is a much later subdivision, and is said to have been named in a Wellington land agent’s office. Presumably the office was located in Wellington’s Cambridge Terrace.

Pic: Oxford University dates back to at least the 11th century.