Street Stories: Other Early Families
Judds Road and Bentley Street

The original Donald family homestead, Manaia, was built on land that is now part of the Copthorne Solway Park complex. The Judd brothers, John and George, sons of the early Greytown settler John Judd later purchased the property and formed a road running along the boundary of the Solway Showgrounds, in 1910. This became Judds Road.

Bentley Street is named after another of the first European settler families in the area, that of Henry and Caroline Bentley, whose farm stretched from Opaki Road, across the Waipoua River, and down past Lincoln Road. The Bentley’s section 57 was subdivided for housing in the 1880s. The southern end of Bentley Street, from Lincoln Road south, was originally called George Street, supposedly after a Mr George, a Wellington developer of the land, although Henry and Caroline Bentley did have a son named George.

Pic: Henry Bentley jumped ship to marry a girl he met on board.