Hogg Crescent

New Zealand has a tradition of newspaper proprietors moving into politics, a tradition that was reflected in Masterton. Alexander Wilson Hogg was a partner in the Wairarapa Star, the newspaper that was once situated on the corner of Queen Street and Lincoln Road, and which gave its name to the ‘Star Block’.

Hogg was involved in many political movements of a liberal nature in Masterton, and was finally elected to represent the Masterton electorate in 1890, a seat he held until 1911. Hogg was appointed Minister of Labour in 1909, but was unable to agree with Cabinet policy on land and resigned.

Hogg Crescent, formed in 1905, was originally going to be named after King Edward but instead commemorates a colourful and energetic politician from our past.

Pic: A.W. Hogg, newspaper owner and politician.