Street Stories: Early Settlers
Dixon Street and Worksop Road

Charles and Mary Dixon and their children, were destined to play a large part in both the naming of Masterton’s streets, and in the future of the town.

Charles Dixon was born in Worksop, England, in 1819 and married Mary Kirton in 1838. The family arrived in New Zealand in 1841, where Charles eventually became a dairy farmer at Karori. He was keen for better opportunities and was part of the group that initiated the Small Farms Association.

He arrived in Masterton in 1854 and set about establishing his farm, and an accommodation house. The property was called Worksop Farm in remembrance of his home village, the name later being taken for the road which led up to the farm. The old accommodation house that burnt down in the 1880s was situated between Casel Street and Kaka Street. Dixon Street was named in honour of Charles and Mary Dixon.

Pic: Charles and Mary Dixon - remembered in many streets.