Street Stories: The Governors
Bledisloe Street

Bledisloe Street is named after Viscount Bledisloe, Governor-General of New Zealand from 1930-35. Bledisloe is remembered fondly for his passion for agriculture, and less fondly for his speeches, said to be laborious.

In 1931 the Waitangi Estate, including the Treaty House, came on the market and Bledisloe, who recognised the estate’s importance in New Zealand history, purchased the property. He presented it to the nation, and contributed generously towards a special fund set up to renovate Treaty House.

Bledisloe is also remembered for the Bledisloe Cup contested between the rugby teams of New Zealand and Australia, and a similarly-named cup for horticulture.

Pic: Lord Bledisloe was a keen agriculturist who purchased Treaty House for New Zealand.