In the plan put forward to the meeting of 1878 the western end of the street now called Russell Street was to be known as Crown Street, but the section from Chapel to Queen Streets was changed to Russell Street, named after the architect-builder (and Borough Councillor) James Russell. The eastern portion, originally to be called Queen Street, was named Princes Street for a number of years, only to become part of Russell Street in a major renaming of streets in 1905.


The name of Hope Street was also planned to undergo changes in the 1878 proposals. This short street ran along the banks of the southern arm of the Waipoua River before the river was diverted, and contained the Government’s immigration cottages. These were used to house new migrants until they had time to establish themselves, hence Hope Street. It was proposed to alter the name to Normanby Street, but the motion was lost. For some time the end of Hope Street nearest Villa Street was called Brown Street.