Richard Kibblewhite was a farmer in the Upper Plain area, having brought his family to Masterton in 1855. He decided, in 1878, to sell up much of his land for subdivision, and produced a plan showing a number of streets in the area. The main road across his block he called Kibblewhite Road, but he also named a number of other potential streets. The road we now call Greenlane Road he named Dixon Street, after Cornelius Dixon who lived at the end of the lane. He also proposed the royal names, Albert, Victoria, Mary and William for a set of streets off Upper Plain Road and Kibblewhite Road. 

Mary and William Streets were built and named although the name of Mary Street was eventually used for both streets. Albert Street was built, although it was called Carverthen Street, and his Victoria Street, although on later plans as Clanmorgan Street, was not built until 2004 when it was named Joan Allen Lane. Other streets he proposed, which were never constructed include – Richard Street, Walton Street, Anne Street, James Street, Linton Street and Duncan Street.